White Label Radio brings you all of the classic hip-hop from the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s! Hosted by Melloe Won, it highlights new music that encompasses the feeling of the era that we all know, miss, and love so much. Some might call it “old school music”, but we call it the “golden era” when music was at its best and that is exactly what we are bringing to your ears. Turn it up!

White Label Radio airs on Los Angeles’ 93.5 KDAY, the home of classic hip-hop. KDAY has been the pioneer in this genre, so tons of artists make their way into the studio for exclusive interviews available only on this program. The video footage is available to program affiliates for their station website or digital platforms.

With hip-hop in its 40’s, classic hip-hop heads are having kids and grandkids, and it is White Label Radio’s goal to teach them and expose them to what real music is all about. With Melloe at the helm, he will be able to share his knowledge and passion while spreading the love of hip-hop to the world.



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