the world’s first party rock mash-up mix show Rockmixx plays the most popular rock hits from the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s in an energetic mash-up style. Rockmixx is a weekly 2-hour show and 5 daily (Monday – Friday) 5-minute shows. is available hosted by DJ Rafe Gomez or unhosted, ready for your local presenter. Both versions can become a sponsorable contest, where listeners can compete to correctly identify the songs in either a daily or weekend segment, with a sponsor’s prize for the winner.

Rockmixx appeals to Rock music lovers of all ages — adults who grew up with the music and younger listeners who know it from TV commercials, movies and video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. The music is totally familiar but the presentation is unique, exciting, new, and memorable. Your listeners can’t buy, download or hear Rockmixx anywhere except on your radio station!

featured artists:

AC/DC Aerosmith Led Zeppelin Lynyrd Skynyrd Van Halen


Weekly Show Clock The weekly 2-hour Rockmixx show has 48 min./hr. of program time, in 3 sets of 16:00. Set 1 has a :30 intro and a :30 backsell. Sets 2 – 6 have :02 intros and :30 backsells.The unhosted version has no spoken content at all. Rafe Gomez is the host and DJ of Rockmixx.  His unique mashes of party rock are heard each week by listeners across the USA and have been featured on television, in video games, at music festivals and in America’s hottest nightclubs.