Top 10 Now and Then is a 2-hour weekly Urban AC countdown hosted by Rick Nuhn that takes you back with music, memories and all the things that make the Old School cool.

Top 10 Now and Then plays the greatest hits from the last five decades, with an emphasis on the hits of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Each show features a countdown on a chosen theme. For example:

• Matching today’s hits with the hits from this day in musical history.
• The top 10 girl groups, now and then.
• We honor a special musical style or era, like Motown.
• The top 10 songs about Mom for Mother’s Day.
• The top 10 love songs now and then, for Valentine’s Day.

Top 10 Now and Then also keeps you up-to-date with today’s music scene. Whether it’s superstars like Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and Usher or new rising stars, Top 10 Now & Then ties in the current artists and the songs that listeners are talking about now.



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