Entertainment feeds the soul. Satisfying an appetite for music, musicians, and celebrities is a tall order; however, nothing fulfills that request more than The Brunch with Joe Johnson. The Brunch is a one-hour radio program showcasing songs and dialogue by the performers who seeded Rock ‘N Roll history, specifically the Beatles.

Veteran broadcaster and host of The Brunch, Joe Johnson has sustained an illustrious calling as a Beatles aficionado. Joe engages his audience across social platforms and welcomes visitors with compelling content, games, and contests from his home base website BrunchRadio.com and via a monthly e-newsletter.

The Brunch features content from:

· Recording Sessions
· Concert Tours
· Musical Collaborations
· Cover Songs
· Televised Special Moments of Contemporary Personalities

Joe quenches a thirst for knowledge of past and present musical giants from notable musicians from all genres whose contributions astonish every music lover. Artists featured in the program still sell out to crowds worldwide and to a majority of people between the ages of 18 to 40. These are the consumers with spending power that your advertisers want to target.

The Brunch with Joe Johnson builds relationships between brands and people and is essential to any radio listener.



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