The most popular rock hits from the ’70s, ’80s, and early ’90s in an energetic mash-up style. It’s the world’s only party rock mash-up mix show!

Rockmixx is a weekly 2-hour show and also has 5 daily (Monday – Friday) 5-minute shows.

Rockmixx is available hosted by DJ Rafe Gomez or unhosted, ready for your local presenter.

Rockmixx appeals to Rock music lovers of all ages — adults who grew up with the music and younger listeners who know it from TV commercials, movies and games. The music is totally familiar but the presentation is unique, exciting and memorable. Your listeners can’t buy, download or hear Rockmixx anywhere except on your radio station!

Along with thrilling your rock-loving listeners, Rockmixx can also make you money! Present Rockmixx as a sponsorable contest, with the sponsor’s prize going to the first listener who can name the artists or tracks in the mashups. It’s a great way for a sponsor to communicate its advertising message in a fun and memorable way, and an innovative way for your station to generate profit from a new source of revenue!

(Mon-Fri.) 5 minute Show
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