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Nothing keeps you connected like The World Chart Show.

• A unique and fun listening experience for 2 hours each week.
• Professionally written stories provide rich content.
• Market exclusive.
• The fun and charismatic presentation of Lara Scott.
• Perfect for weekends or evenings while your regular air staff takes a break.

• Available in components kit for co-production in any language.
• New promos every week to promote the show to your audience.
• A great new business opportunity for your sales staff.

Exclusive Weekly World Chart Show Content:

The Music of the World Chart
The World Chart Show plays the 20 most popular songs in the world according to The World Chart, our exclusive ranking of worldwide radio airplay.

#1s Around The World

We play clips of three songs that are #1 in different countries, but which are not on the World Chart.
#1s Around The World MP3


World Chart Chat
Twice in every show, we have an exclusive conversation with one of the artists or bands on the chart.
World Chart Chat MP3


Whose Hits Are These? When an artist returns to the show, we play a medley of their hits and ask listeners to identify the artist.
Whose Hits Are These? MP3


World Chart Music News
When the artists on the chart are making news, we tell the story with an audio clip.
Music News MP3


Future Hit
We take a song that has just been released and play it before it makes its debut on the chart.
Future Hit MP3


#1 Song Intro
The #1 in the World gets extra attention, either a specially-produced medley or montage of songs or a story about the song or artist at #1.
#1Song Intro MP3


featured artists:

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“Lara Scott is fantastic. The World Chart Show is absolutely the highlight of our programming. It’s on Saturday evening and that’s a good time for the people that are going to a party, it’s a good startup and a good appetizer for their evening out. It’s a taste of the world. I think most people are very interested.”

- Georg Dingler, MD, Radio Gong 96.3, Munich, Germany.

“It’s hard to describe after so many shows what the World Chart Show means to me and my radio station. Before we started the show we tried different ones … but there was always something missing. Since we started the World Chart Show, the listeners like it very much. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.”

-From DJ Icko, Antenna 5, Skopje, Macedonia, who presents a locally co-produced version: