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Nothing keeps you connected like The World Chart Show.

• A two-hour global, mainstream, international hit countdown.
• 48 minutes per hour of program time.
The World Chart is compiled every week by researching over 100
   international charts.
• Global artists share the chart every week.
• The World Chart Show comes with an established digital platform so that
   you can cross promote the program across social media.
• Available in component form for co-production in any language.
• Customized promos for your station.

Exclusive Weekly World Chart Show Content:

World Chart Border Breakouts & WC Hit Horizons

Hear the hottest music heading for the chart — and be ahead of the curve! The music of tomorrow — played today!


World Chart World Tour

It’s a big, wide, crazy world out there — and we take you on a tour of the wackiest, the wild, and the most
exciting events going on every week!


World Chart Remixes/Extras

These days, every hit comes in many forms, many sounds, many flavors. We feature them all — so you know what the top deejays and remixers are up to. To make the mix even better, we bring you bonus songs you won’t hear anywhere else!


World Chart Interviews

We let the artists speak for themselves — with their music, and with their words. And those words will amaze, amuse and dazzle you — as the biggest stars on Earth open their souls.


featured artists:

Ellie Goulding
Mark Ronson
Maroon 5
Meghan Trainor
One Direction
Sam Smith
Axwell /\ Ingrosso
Olly Murs
The Weekend
David Guetta
See the World Chart Show in Spanish


“Lara Scott is fantastic. The World Chart Show is absolutely the highlight of our programming. It’s on Saturday evening and that’s a good time for the people that are going to a party, it’s a good startup and a good appetizer for their evening out. It’s a taste of the world. I think most people are very interested.”

- Georg Dingler, MD, Radio Gong 96.3, Munich, Germany.

“It’s hard to describe after so many shows what the World Chart Show means to me and my radio station. Before we started the show we tried different ones … but there was always something missing. Since we started the World Chart Show, the listeners like it very much. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.”

-From DJ Icko, Antenna 5, Skopje, Macedonia, who presents a locally co-produced version: