Find the weekly unhosted mix show that fits your format.


Mix Shows

Benefits for Stations from Weekly Shows:
  • Exclusive local broadcast rights.
• Reasonable market-based license fees.
• Shows support and enhance your format.
• Shows usually play on weekends but can air at any time. Two airplays per weekly edition.
• Listeners bond with the shows and hosts, become loyal fans and tell their friends.
• The shows are rich in content that target audiences love.
• Shows are presented by top international stars and music experts.
  • All shows deliver fresh promos every week. The hosts will record local promo tags with your station name and show schedule.
• Match a show to an advertiser that targets the same audience. For example, a station that targets adults can play The Dave Koz Radio Show on a Friday or Saturday evening and sell a sponsorship to a local clothing retailer, auto dealer or restaurant.
• Unhosted Mix Shows are ideal for local adaptation, you get the music segments ready to go on the air, just have your local host speak in the designated talk-over times.
Hosted Shows: Classics / Oldies
’80s & ’90s Pop

Retro Pop Reunion

Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely ’80s

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40
’80s & ’90s editions
’80s & ’90s UrbanUrban AC

Diggin’ in the Crates

Lost in the ’80s

Sunday Night Slowjams


Top 10 Now and Then

Classic Rock



The House of Hair with Dee Snider

In the Studio with Redbeard

Live in Concert

Classic Countdown with Dick Bartley

The Blues Mobile 

Retro Country USA

Hosted Shows: Today’s Music
Pop / Top 40 / CHR

The World Chart Show with Lara Scott

Akon’s Stadium Live Radio

Baka Boys All-Star Mix

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40

Urban / R&B / Hip-HopSoul

Baka Boyz Hip-
Hop Master Mix

Full Throttle Radio

Sol Kafe
Modern RockSmooth Jazz


The Side Show Countdown with
Nikki Sixx

Dave Koz Radio Show
Dance Gospel

Dance Nation
Evolution Beatport

Gospel Traxx

American Country
Countdown with Kix Brooks
Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40