QGoLive from Radio Express

Live Broadcast Quality Audio from your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac.
Get on the air live in broadcast quality by simply pressing a button!

Use QGoLive’s full-featured reporting app to make producing and filing reports a breeze.

Who Uses QGoLive?

QGoLive was designed for radio reporters in the field, but our clients keep finding creative ways to use it. It’s used all over the world at top all-news, news/talk, and talk radio stations, small local stations, and college and high school radio stations to provide broadcast-quality live audio for:

* Radio reporters in the field
* Remote talk show hosts
* Call-in guests
* Air talent on commercial remotes
* Play-by-play announcers
* Sideline reporters
* College and high school sports reporters
* Podcasters

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“QGo is working out very well for us by the way, it makes it so that a weekly talk show guest doesn’t have to drive a half an hour one way to the studio, and makes it so our FM morning man doesn’t have to drive in 10 minutes every day to record his show the night before. We like the QGo sound a lot on our end, it’s a big time saver and does a lot to improve sound quality.”
Brian O’Neil from WLEA/WCKR in Hornell, New York.




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