benefits for advertisers

Counting Down The Benefits
  • Consistent brand presence in target-friendly environments.
  • Economies of scale provide significant media savings.
  • Embedded branding assures total station compliance.
  • Customized versions narrow the focus and provide audience interaction.
  • Brand positioned with the most popular, most exciting mass appeal entertainment.
  • On air promos extend brand presence throughout the week.
To learn more about sponsorship opportunities for advertisers, please email Jessica D'Agostin or Barbara Rounds.

Sponsorship of Branded Programming

Radio Express network-quality shows have been sponsored by advertisers including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Kodak, Gillette, Philips, Sony Music and M&M/Mars in many countries. Radio Express trades top-rated programming to key radio stations and networks in exchange for commercials and sponsor credits within the programming and often throughout the broadcast week. With full entitlement, the brand name is merged with the show name to further cement the association between the show and the brand in the listeners' minds, for example:

Syndicated Radio Programming

Founded in 1985, Radio Express has produced or represented most of today's best-known syndicated and network radio shows, such as American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, The Dave Koz Radio Show, The Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, The World Chart Show with Lara Scott, The World Chart Show with PJ Butta, El World Chart Show con Julieta and many more. Syndicated programming is a consistent winning proposition for hundreds of stations in markets of all sizes. Most of the affiliated radio stations establish long-term relationships with Radio Express due to the many benefits of syndicated programming.

Efficient time buys

Global or regional syndication achieves great economies of scale. Radio Express is able to offer long-term advertisers deep discounts on time buys. Radio Express and station managers collaborate to develop competitive strategies utilizing programming and promotions to help the stations gain listener loyalty and market share. As a result Radio Express is able to negotiate access to commercial time over a vast area at great savings which are then passed on to the advertiser.

Global concepts localized by language and lifestyle

There is demand for Radio Express programming worldwide. Working with top local producers and radio personalities, programming originally conceived and executed in English is converted into the appropriate language and accent to fully impact listeners.

Custom programming production and placement

Experienced radio producers like Tom Rounds, Marijke Van Niekerk and Christian Jones have launched some of today's most widely heard special program series, combining deep knowledge of radio journalism and the most sophisticated audio technology. This in-house capacity has enabled the company to turn out everything from short form daily news features to the Live Earth concerts on July 7, 2007, which Radio Express distributed to 160 stations in 140 countries. Radio Express provides quick turnaround with cost savings on the delivery of customized programming, often with embedded sponsor commercials.