Trynity HDFX Radio Imaging. “…astounding.”

Trynity HDFX is a radio imaging service for stations that want to make a powerful statement and assert their identity with passion. There is a core library plus many Format-Specific Expansions such as: AC, Country, Rock, Sports, and Urban. Other Expansion categories include: Artist, Cinema, Drops, Voice FX, Produced Shells etc.

Also included, the Dave Foxx Signature Series, specifically produced for Z100 NY.

Over 30,000 cuts. Updated weekly. Market exclusive.

Audio Demo
Trynity HDFX Core Library Audio Demo MP3, Time: 2:29

Trynity HDFX Dave Foxx Signature Series Audio Demo MP3 Time: 1:50

Robert Dudzic, Producer

Trynity HDFX helps these #1 stations stay ahead of the competition:

“I love these sounds. They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard. Just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding.”
–Dave Foxx, Z-100, New York

“I love the new interface and of course the new expansions – it’s your ultimate one stop audio “chop” shop of goodies!”
–David Konsky, 2dayfm, Sydney, Australia

“Wow, huge improvement guys, good job! Love being able to d/l multiple files. 
Loads of great new features, can’t wait to hear how others use Trynity too!”
–Dan Motut,
100.5 The PEAK & 93.7 JRFM,
Vancouver, Canada

“I’m using the site as much as I can and trying to discover all the layers Robert has built into it. I’m totally satisfied.”
–Ron Hummel, KISQ & KKSF, San Francisco, USA

“Robert Dudzic has yet again re-defined both how imaging sounds, and the way it gets delivered. Auditioning, selecting and downloading SFX has never been easier with fool proof navigation and streamlined functionality.
 To put it bluntly, ‘This is the sh*t!'”
–Kacey ‘KCB’ Baker – 2day fm & Triple M, Sydney, Australia

“Just logged off the new Trynity HD/FX site…feel like I’ve been driving a new Ferrari. The speed is incredible and the content is…well, it’s TRYNITY! Easy to find, audition, download…get to work faster with a lot less fooling around…and ALL with the best damned library available. (…) I love these sounds! They’re as fresh and challenging as any effects I’ve ever heard, just on inspiration factor alone, this library is astounding!”
–Dave Foxx, Z-100 New York City, USA

“My problem is, with the added hotness I take longer to get work done…Too cool!”
–Ray Hahunga, B105 & 4MMM, Brisbane, Australia


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