Sound Freqz Volume 1 audio imaging library is a collection of over 100 tracks: sounders, stagers, audio attacks, bed loops, drops, sweeper shells or donuts, anarchy IDs, drones, breakers, impacts, risers, wipes, combos, staged FX, loops/beds, logo beds, mix-outs and bumpers. From countless hours of audio experiments, Sound Freqz was created to make your Station IDs, Podcast IDs or Multimedia Productions stand out and demand your listeners’ attention.

The price for Sound Freqz Vol. 1 is US$99. Sound Freqz is a buyout library, royalty-free with no ongoing usage or license charges.

Sound Freqz Users Love This Library

“Sound Freqz transforms our sounds on Radio Turks & Caicos. It creates that mountain of a sound that moves the valley beneath with bangers, breakers, loops and IDs. This is a must-get if you are looking to overpower your competitors. Since getting the first volume, we had to get the second. Our production team are always busy banging out something that has our listeners staying and our clients spending… you too can get that experience, just like us!”
– Chris Jarret, Radio Turks & Caicos Director

“Just what you need … and no fat! There is not a single ‘throw away’ in this library. Sound Freqz is a great little package.”
– Dave Foxx, Creative Services Director, Clear Channel, New York

“Sound Freqz is just the touch we needed to freshen up our sfx library. They’ve got such a variety of sounds that this library will fit nearly any radio format.”
– Jay Tiles, Producer, KROQ-FM, Los Angeles

“What impressed me as the balance of creativity and super tight production. Sound Freqz provided me with interesting and fun buffers that sounded edgy, but always professional from the first to the last second.”
– Mark Curdo, WCYY, Portland, Maine

“I’m knocked out by the professionalism and innovation provided by D’Agostin Productions for our global listeners. In 50 years of doing this, I’ve never worked with anyone better!”
– Ron Jacobs,, Kaneohe, Hawai’

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