Sound Freqz Xmas Grab Bag Production Library

“We strongly recommend the Sound Freqz Xmas Grab Bag… essential to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere… impossible to to transmit the uniqueness of the Christmas mood without it.” -Marcos Aloisi, Instore Audiovisual.

The Sound Freqz Xmas Grab Bag is the perfect decoration for any Christmas audio production. It contains 64 tracks of music beds, sound effects and production elements for making commercials and station imaging for the Christmas holiday season — Sweepers, Sounder Shells, Wipes, Loops, Staged FX, Drops and more.

Put the sounds of the Christmas holidays in your seasonal commercials, promos and imaging. This compact library provides enough material to make the holidays sound like the holidays. It’s designed to match the traditional or contemporary Christmas music you will be playing during the season.

The price is US$149. Sound Freqz libraries are sold on a buyout basis with no renewals or music licensing fees.


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