Identi-Fi Categories:

Plug-and-Play Anarchy IDs
Atmospheric Dronescapes
Rhythmic Sound Design
Pre-processed Voice-Over Elements
Beds and Beats
Breakers, Risers, Wipes, Impactors, Device FX and Loops

Identi-Fi is a royalty free, buy-out imaging library compatible with CHR, Urban, Hot AC and News/Talk/Sports formats. The 430 tracks in Identi-Fi include a multitude of components and mix-outs.

Identi-Fi is available at pre-priced market rates. Small Markets $499, Medium Markets $599, Large Markets $699. (Network rates available), Independent Producers $699.

Identi-Fi is a Sound Freqz/Mike Young Studio collaboration.

Identi-Fi Sample Pack
Identi-Fi Sample Pack (Zip)


« Hot, contemporary and relevant. »
« Fresh sounds with a post modern twist. »
« Highly recommended. »
Identi-Fi is the best we`re ever used … Extremely useful in a competitive market … Sets us way above the others … Can`t wait for the next edition.
–Corey Keil, CEO, Radio Polynesia
“We’re bringing new sights and sounds to morning TV, and Identi-Fi is helping us do it. There are tons of creative components and mix-outs – the building blocks everybody needs to customize a project and boost your brand. Fresh sounds with a post-modern twist. We’ll be using these for a long time.”
–Bohuš Blahut, Senior Content Producer, “Eye Opener,” Tribune Broadcasting
Identi-Fi delivers another incredible imaging package. This expansion update is a continuation of even more great audio imaging elements that are fresh, modern and most important of all, very usable!”
–Sam Zniber, PD, Magic 102.7 Miami FL
“Usually I’ll find a handful of sounds I actually use in any library, but Identi-Fi has been built so every element can be easily edited to create unlimited new combos after you’ve exhausted the ready-to-use pieces. The drones and beats are great and the voice elements are a nice addition. This is a hot package, highly recommended!”
-Kwazi Hewlett, Creative Service Guy, Power 105, New York
“Don’t think this is only for the radio guys, these sounds fatten up DJ mixes for your mix CDs, you can insert them and use them while you’re rockin a party, a club or performing live with your crew! This is your favorite DJ’s secret weapon. Identi-Fi will help mixtapes, websites and DJ shows sound professional, huge and incredibly RIDICULOUS!!! Trust me, I used it on my new full-length album “The Answer.”
-DJ Mathematics of the Wu-Tang Clan


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