Do your jingles sound like the music you play?

GrooveWorx Jingles are the work of the most successful musicians and singers at the top of today’s music industry. Los Angeles’ beach city of Santa Monica is where this talent converges at the GrooveWorx studios to create market-exclusive original Station ID Jingles and cost-efficient syndicated packages that will give your station a “network quality” presence. Supervise your session from the convenience of your own office or place yourself at the center of the action in Santa Monica.

GrooveWorx Jingles are available for all the major radio formats: AC, CHR/Hot AC, Classic Hits, Country, Rock, Smooth AC, Spanish, Urban.


SYNDICATED JINGLES allow stations to have access to the best quality compositions, originally made as custom jobs for major market stations. You select an existing package that works for you, then you write the words that will be sung over the existing music. Syndicated jingle prices are much lower than Custom Jingles, and prices vary by the package. Half-packages are also available.

CUSTOM JINGLES – Original compositions, written and produced to meet your exact specifications.


Find a GrooveWorx Jingles package for your format and click to visit its demo page.

These are the easy steps to your new jingles:

(1) Visit the GrooveWorx Jingles page and listen to the demos to find the best package for your format. Each package is based on a unique MUSICAL LOGO that is designed to be memorable. Choose the jingle package for your station that best matches your station’s format, sound, positioning, style and mood.

(2) Contact Radio Express to confirm that local exclusive rights are available for the package you like. Remember that for each individual jingle (“cut”) you will get 3 or 4 different mixes, including full mix, rhythm mix and “a capella” (voices only) versions.

(3) Using the lyric sheet for your chosen package, write your station’s name and slogans to match the available syllables and spaces in the music. Remember, jingles can be sung in any language.

(4) You will be asked to provide examples of correct pronunciation and accent, and you can give your approval either in person in the studio, online or over the telephone. All GrooveWorx singers are experienced professionals who have sung in many languages.