Groove Tools Radio Imaging, “…a beautiful instrument that any producer in any format can benefit from.”

Over 15,000 nuggets of sonic ear candy. Updated weekly. Market exclusive.

Categories & Tracks
Addicts (1213 tracks) – This is the stuff you, our loyal users, send in…and we thank you. Appreciate it when you send them with mixouts!

Futuristics (290 tracks) – Generally a futuristic feel. Great for new music breakers or for sounds to use when promoting big shows or other big events.

Insta-Promos (33 tracks) – For those times when you have to knock out promos or quick ID’s in less than an hour.

Layers (273 tracks) – Generally designed to be placed between songs with your station ID voice or with listener testimonials or when you want an extra added “umph” to your already produced station ID’s.

Micros (1514 tracks) – A variety of musical scores from :05 to :60. A plethora of music for every genre. Rock to Pop…quirky to novelty.

Quick Shots (160 tracks) – Quick 1-2 second short effects for extra bling.

Specialty (1243 tracks) – From timely comedy bits to random funniness, parodies to singing jingles.

Thumpers (97 tracks) – Produced ID’s with sampled beats generally designed for your call letters or station frequency.

Workparts (9605 tracks) – Produced ID’s generally longer, from 5-10 seconds. You’ll find something for everyone…from Rock to Pop, News Talk to Sports Talk.

Groove Tools Producer Will Morgan began his radio career at 18 and his career led him to his dream job of working at the world famous KROQ in Los Angeles. His sound went global in 2003 with the release of his Groove Tools imaging service, now considered to be one of the preeminent imaging services in the industry. “I love what I do. I love being able to come up with unique sounds and work parts that give producers the tools to create their own magic. We all thrive on inspiration from one another. Ideas bounced back and forth in collaboration with the needs of todays imaging is what makes Groove Tools a beautiful instrument that any producer in any format can benefit from.”

Will Morgan, Producer

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