GOLDMINE has more of what makes the spaces between the songs almost as much fun as the music itself! Created by top imaging professionals in New York, Chicago and Miami, GOLDMINE is everything you need for effective imaging of Oldies & Classic Hits radio.

• Start with over 33,000 archived tracks and get weekly updates for the life of your subscription.
• Promo Parts, (with and without voice-over), Promo and ID Beds, Stagers and Punctuators, Listener Reactions, Year Collages, Features, Comedy Drops, Artist IDs, Special Weekend Features, Song Setups, Birthday Greetings and more.
• Tributes from the top Classic Hits artists with an emphasis on the ‘70s: Billy Joel, Chicago, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and many more.
• Special theme weekend pieces, format clock elements and comedy.
• Drum Loops, Sound Effects, Music Beds, Music Hooks and Voice Samples.
• Thousands of “Plug and Play” elements such as Sweepers, Brandings, Promos, Drones, Ramp Loops and Celebrity/Artist IDs.


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