ADRENALINE is the online radio imaging service that delivers high-energy modern rock sounds for Sports formats and for sports show imaging, promos and segment intros & outros. Also great for imaging of play-by-play game coverage.

• Get access to the entire online library (more than 26,000 tracks) from day one, then get fresh new imaging tracks every month.
• Full of the work parts you need the most: quick, different, attention-getting breakers and separators along with modern sounding drones.
• Hard Driving Stingers, Bumpers & Drones – all with a hard, high energy edge.
• Daily 30-second “This Day in Sports” segment, Mon.-Fri., available for exclusive local sponsorship.
• Hard Driving Music Beds – the type you hear on your favorite Rock station.
• Real sound effects for all sports – football, basketball, tennis etc.


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