Like a roundhouse punch to the eardrum, Splat! Radio Imaging and SoundFreqz Sound Design have joined forces for
Splat!FREQZ – a walloping collection of bell-ringing audio production effects. Splat!Freqz is a 125 track multi-format FX package produced by renowned sound designer Joe D’Agostin and shaped to the specifications of audio producers who demand easy to use, high-impact, sonically superior audio production effects. Logically designed and structured, Splat!Freqz sounds great on CHR, Urban, Rock, Talk, Sports, Alternative, and any radio format that demands unique, highly creative production sounds. Splat!Freqz is awesome for radio production & imaging, podcasts, video games or any other type of audio project.

Sure, you’ll get hits, punches and impacts…plus techs, tweaks, drones, rises, and more combos than a heavyweight brawl.
Splat!Freqz FX – hard hitting and priced right at $149 USD. It’s already winning over the crowds at top ranked stations like KROQ Los Angeles, Hot 97 New York, CHUM FM Toronto, and WMMR Philadelphia. Pound for pound no other effects package can enter the ring with Splat!Freqz.

Trevor Shand, Imager for the world famous KROQ – “Its like a whole new box of Legos to play with. This stuff is amazing!! You are killin’ it with this library!”

WMMR’s Imaging Director, Tony Maddox, praises Splat!Freqz for its ease of use and sound quality. “Splat!Freqz sounds fit perfectly in the mix–no time wasted EQing or fiddling around trying to get them to cut through,” he said. “You literally plug them in and BAM! Good to go. Love it.”

Sideshow “Sidey” Mike Anderson from Triple M Imaging, Southern Cross Austereo in Sydney, Australia offered more praise for the creative sound design. “I’ve always been a big fan of Sound Freqz. I love the effects, they’re great for getting some real impact,” he said. “There are plenty of nice real organic elements but also a good mix of sounds that really makes your ears bleed when you wanna cut through the rock!”

Among other early believers is Ryan Drean, Creative Director at TM Studios and host of The Producers podcast. “The whole package is awesome,” said Drean. “The variety of useful elements help me bang out sweeps and stagers in bulk. Great for multiple formats too! VERY Solid!”



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