Get new releases in Urban, Urban AC and Hip-Hop formats.

• The fastest & fullest coverage of new tracks with high airplay potential.
• 5 “Pick of the Day” selections per week. Hot, new releases from big name artists available for download before they make it on the regular weekly edition.
• Download broadcast quality MP3s from our website.
• Convenient SONGFINDER database: find any track, download index data.

radio people love radioplay

“Very good service, it’s the best you can get.”
—Vladimiro Da C., Circuito Alianza FM, Venezuela

“Radio Express always delivers the music to my satisfaction… I would recommend Radioplay to a friend.”
—Beldi A, Kiss FM, Medan, Indonesia

“We’re quite satisfied with your service.”
—Michael C., Royal FM, London, UK

“I use your Radioplay service so much that I can’t live without it anymore.”
—Stefko B., Radio Center, Slovenia

“I’m VERY happy with Radio Express… I have total freedom to program the music my listeners and I enjoy…”
—Joào C., Rock e Radio, Madeira, Portugal

“Radioplay is a huge benefit for us for getting new music… we would be lost without it.”
—Greg. S., Radio Norfolk, Norfolk Is.

“Thanks to Urban Express, we are ahead the music’s arrival in Europe … our listener e-mail volume and ratings are growing.”
—Ugo P., GM, Radio Azzurra FM, Italy

“Radioplay helps us stay ahead of the competition here in Holland … fast, reliable and outstanding service.”
—Mezen D., PD, FunX Radio, Holland

“I love the Radioplay Songfinder database, it’s really useful.”
—Barbara P., Radio Club 103, Italy

“Radioplay is extremely useful … a must for keeping your station up to date.”
—Shane M., 98.2 Tahi FM, New Zealand

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