Powergold 12 Music Scheduling is the fastest and smartest music scheduling software in the radio industry today, with sleek, new user interfaces and powerful, advanced programming tools.

• With Powergold Collective Suite everything is connected with real-time collaboration over a central SQL database including the Powergold Central Library, Powergold Collective Server, and Collective Database.
• All-new Archiving delivers enhanced performance and scheduler integration.
• Updates to Analysis include smarter hypothetical tools and enhanced Flow List reporting.
• Session management tools give Powergold admins real-time login status and the ability to message users and remotely control user access.
• And much more…

Powergold Clocks

• Powergold makes a complete schedule of all audio events — music, tempo-matched jingles, liners, voice tracks, notes, automation commands.
• Powergold clocks have circular and linear views and an unlimited number of positions.
• Color-coded Categories and circular clock views help you visually balance category placement within an hour.

View and Edit the Schedule

• Imports daily commercial schedules from your traffic system and research data from your research system.

• Editing tools to make schedule editing fast and easy — Auto-Edit, Auto-Replace, Suggest-Replace, Manual Replace, Replace by Title, Replace by Artist and many others.

• Unlimited everything! Songs, Custom Song Fields, Categories, Folders, Clocks, Custom Song Properties — you name it.

• Use the song Properties imported from your current music scheduler or invent your own song Properties and scheduling rules.



Carlos Goyenaga, San Jose, Costa Rica

The spectacular thing about Powergold...

“The spectacular thing about Powergold is the music programming advantage. While we are playing the same songs, the music rotation is so much better now and we hear more variety because some DJs played certain songs very little. It helps keep the station from merely reflecting the DJ’s state of mind, which otherwise has an inevitable effect on the music played.”

Carlos Goyenaga, San Jose, Costa RicaRadio Azul 99.9 FM
Roque Aguon, PD/AM Show, USA

Powergold music scheduling software is an excellent tool!...

“Powergold music scheduling software is an excellent tool! it’s very user friendly and a “Buddy” from Powergold provides excellent customer service when and if there is a need. Thanks for the service. Keep up the good work.”

Roque Aguon, PD/AM Show, USAKZGZ-FM/Power 98, Guam
Mwiza Sinyangwe, Lusaka, Zambia

Our previous program ...

“Our previous program was called (~~~~~), but it does not compare!”

Mwiza Sinyangwe, Lusaka, ZambiaRadio Christian Voice
Ryan Honter, Sri Lanka

Powergold is simply the only music scheduling system...

“Powergold is simply the only music scheduling system that works for us! The Customer service is simply fabulous with its staff always at hand for any questions we may have, this is vital for us in Sri Lanka as we can call at any time day or night!”

Ryan Honter, Sri Lanka100.4 FM and 95.8 FM, Colombo
Jack Kelly, Italy

Powergold is easy to learn...

“Powergold is easy to learn, easy to use, easy to teach and infinitely flexible.”

Jack Kelly, ItalyRadio International

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