Radio Express brings you The Ultimate Sound Effects Library containing 1,000 sound effects!

Recorded and mastered digitally for the ultimate sound quality, these sound effects are perfect for use in commercials, podcasts, promos, films, video, and multimedia presentations.

The Ultimate Sound Effects Library covers categories like ambiance, business, communication, electronic effects, home, music, nature, reaction, recreation, sports, transportation, and weather.

The Ultimate Sound Effects Library is now available on a one-time buy-out basis for $249 USD. It’s the most cost-effective collection of SFX available!

Each edition contains a wide variety of effects:

Edition 1: Alarms, Gunshots, Explosions, Battles, Doors, Household Sounds, Situation Ambiance’s, Industrial
Edition 2: Jets, Propellers, Airports, Household Sounds, Food Sounds
Edition 3: Telephones, Trains, Fuel Stations, Horses, Birds, Dogs, Cats, Farmyard Animals
Edition 4: Thunder, Rain, Wind, Walking, Running, People, Crowds, Laughing, Stairs
Edition 5: Bowling, Pool, Arrows, Tennis, Boxing, Balls, Football, Clocks, Bells
Edition 6: Domestic Cars, Racing Cars, Horns, Traffic, Motorbikes, Cycles, Police Cars, Boats, Tractors
Edition 7: Doors, DIY, Cookery, Household Sounds, Gates, Cameras, Radios, Chopping
Edition 8: Harps, Whistles, Cymbals, Maracas, Bongos, Congas, Gongs, Orchestral Instruments
Edition 9: Bugles, Trumpets, Timpani’s, Drums, Hi Hats, Buzzers, Klaxons, Military Bands, Horns
Edition 10: Sweeps, Shots, Wobbles, Whooshes, Tones, Electronic and Sci-Fi effects

Audio Demo

Hear what radio stations around the world are saying:
“Absolutely excellent. These SFX are of the highest possible quality.”
– Chris Ubosi, The Beat 99.9, Lagos, Nigeria
“This collection of sound effects is awesome. Every station should grab a copy.”
– Polina Nazarova, European Hit Radio, Riga, Latvia
“Simply amazing. The amount of effects in this collection is unbelievable.”
– Chris Jarrett, Radio Turks & Caicos, Turks & Caicos

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