TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library – presented by Capital of Media, one of Europe’s leading radio and television imaging companies.

TRIL is as diverse as today’s pop playlists.
It’s music intensive, power-packed and updated daily with everything you need in radio-imaging: Song intros, Sweepers/swingles, Top of Hours, Out of Breaks, Workparts, Promos, Drops, next generation FX, Drones, and more! Every TRIL imaging piece features an exciting preview and shell – plus TRIL also includes separate tracks, stems and mix-outs so you can always have everything you need or download only what you want.

What else sets TRIL apart? We were the first imaging service to offer on demand custom production. If you can’t find what you want, let us know and we’ll create it for you. It’s like having an extra producer in the studio with you – only we’ll never spill coffee or steal your Red Bull 🙂

Discover why the biggest brands around the world made the switch to TRIL – The Radio Imaging Library. Part of the TRIL Family are stations like Virgin Radio, Radio 538, CHUM FM and NRJ.


“TOP 40/CHR Radio is always freshening itself musically. TRIL has the sound you need to blend in…yet stand out! TRIL is perfect for imaging and programming multiple stations sharing one Brand. It gives you that much needed consistency across the brand!”
– Wade Taylor – Imaging Director, CHUM-FM, Toronto, Canada
“TRIL produces high quality imaging elements. They’re on top of all the music and artists that are hot on radio right now.”
– Bryan Griggs – Production Director, Alpha Media/Radio Northwest Network, Portland, OR, USA
“The imaging and production is among the best on the market. TRIL easily rivals the current industry leaders.”
– Tim Kelly – Imaging Director, Cox Media Group, Tampa, FL, USA

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