abc Air Power Show Prep has the content you need to be the entertainment news leader!

• Get all the top stories everyday featuring celebrities, musicians, actors and newsmakers.
• Packed with entertainment, TV, music and movie news, movie and TV audio clips, gossip, birthdays and history, surveys and lifestyle stories, hard news headlines and more.
• The content is backed by the resources of a major news organization, ABC News Radio.
• Download dozens of new broadcast-ready MP3 audio files every day.
• Production is made easy with complete leads, verbatim transcripts, out-cues and run times, ready to download.
• Air Power show prep is Market Exclusive to your radio station.
• Enrich your morning show and entertainment coverage with network quality content and production. With abc Air Power Show Prep in your hands, your morning show and entertainment news will sound refreshed and energized and your station will be poised to become the market leader in entertainment news.

abc Air Power Show Prep service covers all the major formats: CHR/Hot AC/Urban, Rock, AC/Oldies, Country and Talk. The International service for stations outside the US contains a selection from all formats.


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