Christmas Across The Lands brings the magic of the holiday season in a 12-hour show complete with your favorite musical memories in a hosted format. Host, writer, and producer Randy Sherwyn came up with concept in the 1980s and decided it was time to share his love of Christmas with audiences around the world. Since the show’s debut, the material is updated every year, which has lead to its success with radio audiences for over a decade!

Each hour contains 3 segments, and allows for 10 minutes of local commercial time.

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Hear what others are saying:

Jef Reilly, Director, American Forces Radio Network “
Its one of those old-school Christmas shows that really brings warmth and memories. Its certainly one we look forward to airing every year and I know our service-members and their families appreciate the excellent production, immortal stories and classic songs. Thank you for all you do for our troops away from home during the holidays!”

Joel Denver, President/Publisher, “
Christmas Across The Lands is truly a heartwarming show that brings the magic of the holiday home for the listener. Great music and production — Christmas Across The Lands — it’s all wrapped up in one beautiful holiday show.”



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